Old Car Values

In order to find out about old car values, there are a number of different methods consumers and car dealers use to find industry price quotes. Nada Guides, the Kelley Blue Book, the Black Book, and other online sites allow you to research old car values with great ease.

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If you plan on selling your car, insuring your vehicle, or if you are merely curious about your car’s value, these sites can prove very informative.

Factors Influencing Old Car Values

Old car values are affected by many different factors.  The most apparent factor that will determine the actual valuation of your vehicle is its condition.  Many valuation books offer separate values for cars that are in excellent, good, or fair condition.  These values are further affected by the area that you reside in, the present automotive market, and the way you have maintained the car will also be reflected in the bottom line value of the vehicle.  If you have made repairs to the car over a period of time and you have put into practice using nothing but original repair parts, the value of your old car will be greater.

Another issue that changes the value of what your car is worth is how rare the vehicle is; obviously, the rarer the car is the better since this will cause the car to have a greater value.  If your car was made as a limited production, this too can increase its value.  The popularity of the car when it was first released is not really of concern here, rather rarity of the vehicle defines what the car is worth.  You also have to realize that if you personalize a vehicle and add an array of customizations, this can end up decreasing the value of the car.  What you find appealing, another buyer may not.

After you have researched your car in various industry quoting books and websites, you will probably want to get an appraisal done.  You must realize that you may identify your car in good condition when another person might consider it fair condition: this is because, for the most part, you will be judging the condition of your car subjectively.  If you opt for a car appraisal, you can get an outside, objective opinion on your car’s condition and an accurate valuation of the vehicle in question. 

Finding Old Car Values on the Internet


CarsDirect™ is a site you can use if you want to find out about old car values for trade in purposes.  You can get a free trade in value on the car by giving a description of your vehicle, indicating what the options are in the car and the condition of the vehicle, and supplying your contact details.  Values are determined by the present Black Book® listings on offer.   Bear in mind however, that you can access greater value information by subscribing to the Black Book® website yourself.   For full details on how to get old car values for the purposes of trading in a vehicle, visit: http://www.carsdirect.com/tradein/about_tradeins_tab.

Nada Guides

Nada Guides is a good place to start when you require information about old car values.  This site allows you to uncover old car values, used car values, and the value of exotic cars, trucks, and muscle cars too.  You can also access information about vehicle specifications.  You can indicate the car manufacturer, the model of the vehicles that you want old car values for, the year of the vehicle, and you can then choose the vehicle’s body style.  You can even detail some of the options that the old car has to get a more accurate car valuation figure.  The site will provide you with information about the original MSRP of the vehicle the first year that the car was offered, the low retail price, the average retail price, and the high end retail price.  This site can be used for find old car values for cars that are just a few years old, and it can also be used to put a valuation on classic cars as well.  For full details visit: http://www.nadaguides.com/Classic-Cars.

More Trusted Sites for Finding Old Car Values

Kelley Blue Book®

The Kelley Blue Book® is a site that many car owners utilize when seeking old car values.  This car valuation site offers you free access to old car values, used car pricing, and trade in value information.  This site only gives valuations that are for cars that date back as far as the year 1991 however, so it is not necessarily an ideal site for finding old car values for some classic cars.  You will have to provide information about the car manufacturer, the model of the car, the year the car was made, and you will also have to supply your zip code since car values are based upon the region where the car is offered.  You are then supplied with a choice of getting a trade in value, a private party value for the car, or the suggested retail price information.  You will be given details based on the condition of the vehicle as excellent, good, or fair, but this site does not offer valuations on old cars in poor condition.  For more information you can visit: http://www.kbb.com.

Black Book®

The Black Book® is a subscription based offering where you can get old car values.  Once you become a member you can access the Black Book® daily features on the site, and you can also get information about used cars, light trucks, collectible cars, power sports offerings, motorcycles, heavy duty equipment, commercial fleet products and more.  This valuation guide was established in 1955 and allows consumers to find out about rapid automotive industry valuation changes, market driven valuations for the purposes of loan origination, and values for an array of cars since the cars have been offered on the market.  This site also offers tools so a member can access old car values with a Desktop computer, MicroBrowser, Smart Phone, Palm, PocketPC, or a Blackberry®.  For full information visit: http://www.blackbookusa.com.